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Ukraine: Stroke may no longer lead to poverty

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

Treatment, rehabilitation and regular examination for people with a stroke require significant funds. The presence of such an origin in families leads to significant financial costs and is the cause of inherited poverty. If a person fails and requires an examination within three years, it will lead to catastrophic financial costs.

That is why the National Health Service of Ukraine has identified the treatment of strokes as a priority in the Medical Guarantee Program. The National Health Insurance Fund makes higher demands to contracting medical institutions: to provide medical staff with the necessary qualifications, the necessary equipment, to ensure the work of institutions around the clock.

In 2020, 58,090 (almost half of total number) stroke patients were treated free of charge under the Medical Guarantees Program in Ukraine.

In 2021, stroke will remain a priority area of funding. In January 2021, 6 936 people with acute stroke have already been treated free of charge.

For the treatment of stroke, medical institutions receive funds from the National Health Insurance Fund at higher rates.

The free package of medical services for the treatment of stroke in an institution contracted with the National Health Insurance Fund includes:

- diagnosis (CT, MRI, angiography, emergency laboratory tests);

- thrombolysis, thromboextraction;

- round-the-clock monitoring of the patient's condition;

- medical rehabilitation in the acute period;

The stroke service in Ukraine has received an impetus for development thanks to strong state support. In particular, all regional centres received angiographs and equipment for endovascular interventions (pic 3-4).

Patient routes and financial incentives for their compliance have been developed.

This year, the National Health Insurance Fund proposes to include drugs for the secondary prevention of cardiovascular diseases in the Medical Guarantee Program. This will make it possible to get the necessary medication at the pharmacy with a doctor's prescription free of charge or with a small surcharge, and will make the treatment of the consequences of the disease more accessible.

Dr. Natalia Chemer

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