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IRENE – ESO EAST: A Meeting on Stroke Care Quality Monitoring in Split, Croatia

On September 26-27, 2023, the coastal city of Split hosted a paramount gathering of professionals committed to monitoring and enhancing stroke care quality. The annual meeting of the Implementation Research Network in Stroke Care Quality (IRENE) and the community participating in European Stroke Organisation EAST was an event marked by thoughtful presentations, collaborative discussions, and forward-looking plans. The meeting was chaired by Prof. Zdravka Poljakovic (HR) and Prof. Robert Mikulik (CZ).

The event kicked off with a focus on the Croatian stroke care landscape. The session, which encompassed presentations from key Croatian medical institutions, was an opportunity to delve into the challenges and successes of in-hospital stroke management in the country. The talks spanned subjects from stroke care in specific hospitals like Clinical Hospital Center Rijeka and Osijek to a deeper look at stroke units' relevance in Croatia.

As the day progressed, attendees shifted their gaze from local to international perspectives. After an introduction by Zdravka Poljakovic, the discussions moved towards stroke care quality monitoring strategies in countries such as the Czech Republic, Israel, and Slovakia. The day's dialogues covered dynamic tools for empowering stroke care transition, real-life examples of challenges, and innovative strategies from countries across Europe.

The second day began with an emphasis on management, where attendees received insights into the IRENE Action's progress, financial reports, and updates from various working groups. The rehabilitation session, chaired by Z. Poljakovic and A. Kohlmetz, explored rehabilitation projects, neurorehabilitation experiences, and future plans for Croatia and Eastern European countries. The afternoon workshops were dedicated to exploring the potential of e-health in stroke care and the user experience with the RES-Q system.

The significance of the State Secretary of the Croatian Ministry of Health, Prof. Silvio Basic, attending the meeting and addressing the participants underscores the event's importance. A big thank you goes local organizers – Prof. Zdravka Poljakovic and Dr. Hrvoje Budinčević, ensuring that every moment was maximized for learning and collaboration.

As the curtains drew on the meeting, there was a renewed commitment among all participants to continue enhancing stroke care quality and fostering collaborative ventures in Europe.

The Implementation Research Network in Stroke Care Quality – IRENE, No. CA18118 has been supported by COST European Cooperation in Science and Technology.

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