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About IRENE COST Action

Stroke is the second leading cause of death and the leading cause of life-long disability worldwide. Effective methods for stroke treatment exist; however the implementation of these treatment methods is very low and therefore constitutes the most challenging problem in the current stroke management. In many countries and many hospitals, patients do not receive effective treatment because an effective implementation framework is missing.

The main aim and objective of the Action is to implement existing treatments in acute stroke more effectively, which will be achieved through development of an implementation framework, and through testing of the implementation effectiveness. The IRENE Action is designed to provide a platform to collect and share data for countries, which are at varying stages of implementing modern stroke treatments.


Developing an implementation strategy for stroke care quality measurement in focus countries and testing its feasibility throughout the IRENE COST Action lifetime.


Providing an evidence on stroke care quality in all involved inclusiveness target countries through the coordination of data collection and the provision of a web-based registry.


The core activity of the IRENE COST Action is to improve stroke care through:

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Networking is an essential part of this Action. Our international network consists of clinical scientists and other experts in the field of stroke treatment, stroke care, health care delivery, stroke advocacy and strategy management with one common goal: to improve stroke care in Europe and beyond.


A web-based stroke care quality registry provides a cohesive picture of the implementation of stroke treatments in various countries. It is one of the most effective tools for monitoring, evaluating and improving global stroke care. Our Action closely cooperates with the Registry of Stroke Care Quality RES-Q.


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The dissemination of results enhances the overall impact of the IRENE COST Action. The direct involvement of main stakeholders (e.g. ministries of health, international organizations, professional societies) helps in the implementation of new mechanisms, which ultimately leads to the improvement of stroke care quality standards in countries involved.

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