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IRENE is on the right track to meet its goals for 2021

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

Core Group debates further projects, raising communication and dissemination efforts

We have set the publication plan for 2021 and several period-specific goals of the Action have been completed. IRENE Core Group members are now keen to push collaborative efforts to help publish more papers and start additional joint research projects within our network.

On the 1st of February, Core Group convened to debate IRENE´s plans for 2021. While unable to meet in person, IRENE has the opportunity to complete its Grant Period goals and consider adding further activities such as publications, study stays and conference grants, and adjust our budget accordingly.

IRENE has a brand new Communication and Dissemination Plan that aims to facilitate the full exploitation of our results. The Plan is to be unveiled soon and members of our Action will be essential to make it work.

Apart from having a decision on set of publications slated for 2021, we are happy to announce completion of several goals and KPIs of the 2nd Grant Period, such as providing national-level and site-level reports on stroke care data to involved hospitals, or establishing cooperation with stroke care registries in Australia and America to harmonize data collection methodologies.

Core Group members also reiterated their desire to boost leadership skills within our network, which we consider essential for running stroke care improvement on national level. We will make sure to announce the outline of this initiative very soon.

Core Group Meeting discussed our plans going forward, applying for Horizon Europe Framework Programme, and helping us to carry on with our activities and to ensure the long term impact of the Action.

Turning to this year´s conferences, IRENE is set to make Inclusiveness Target Countries Conference Grants for PhD. students and Early Career Investigators more appealing so they can equally contribute to raising scientific understanding of stroke care quality in Europe. More information on the recommended conferences to attend, where our ITC Conference Grants are applicable, is available further down in this newsletter.

Next week, our network will host its first Training School. In a quick succession, on the 4th and 5th of March, IRENE will hold its Management Committee Meeting and meeting of all the Working Groups. Do not miss out on these major opportunities to strengthen your ties to IRENE Cost Action.

Minutes from IRENE Core Group Meeting will be available in the Member's area of our website.

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