Training Schools


What are
training schols

Training Schools aim to facilitate capacity building on a topic relevant to the theme of the respective COST Action through the delivery of intensive training on a new or emerging subject. They can also offer familiarisation with unique equipment or expertise and are typically, although not exclusively, considered to be for the benefit of ECI and PhD students.


1. A Training School shall have COST Action objectives as its focus.
2. Training School shall be held in a participating COST Full or Cooperating Member or in an institution with which an NNC Action Participant is affiliated.
3. The COST Action also shall be one of the primary organisers of the Training School and shall be clearly promoted on all dissemination channels, namely the official website of the Action / event, brochures and all relevant training material.
4. There should be a reasonable country balance concerning trainee participation.
5. Training Schools are recommended to last a minimum of 3 days.
6. A ratio of at least 3 Trainees to 1 Trainer is recommended.

Eligibility rules and more to be seen in Vademecum

If you want to organize training school Contact:

Sabina Hladikova, email:

Project coordinator

St. Anne’s University Hospital Brno, Czech Republic