Short Term
Scientific Missions

Short Term Scientific Missions (STSMs) are institutional visits aimed at supporting individual mobility, strengthening existing networks and fostering collaboration between individuals.

STSM allow those partaking in the missions to learn new techniques, gain access to specific data, instruments and/or methods not available in their own institutions/organisations.

A STSM should specifically contribute to the research coordination and capacity building objectives of the IRENE COST Action CA18118 outlined in the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU).

Before applying for an STSM, please read carefully the following STSM Guidelines

OPEN CALL for the second Grant Period

The period for applying for Short Term Scientific Missions is now open until further notice.

Information about the application process, eligibility and the selection of applicants are detailed in the STSM Guidelines. Before applying, please read carefully both the Vademecum and STSM Guidelines.

In case of questions about STSM's, please contact the STSM Coordinator Ms Veronika Svobodova (

STSM Open Call: