Working Groups

Working Group 1


Working Group 1 (WG 1) provides scientific leadership to Action's participants and develops and manages the whole network. Members of WG 1 accelerate the knowledge exchange in leadership and strive for establishing leadership in stroke care in focus countries. Furthermore, members of this WG are working on their individual research studies about stroke care under the supervision of WG 1 Leaders.

WG 1 Leader: Prof Valeria Caso (proposed)

WG 1 Vice-Leader: Dr Dániel Bereczki

Working Group 2

IRENE COST Action members

Members of Working Group 2 (WG 2) work on the development of national networks for stroke care quality measurements and on the involvement of important stakeholders and game-changers on national levels. Members of WG 2 are also working on defining national implementation strategies of each country involved in the Action.

WG 2 Leader: Prof Cristina Tiu

WG 2 Vice-Leader: Prof Silva Andonova

Working Group 3

Registry Management

Working Group 3 (WG 3) is all about data collection, interpretation and management. Members of WG 3 are directly involved in collecting stroke care data from national hospitals into stroke care quality registries, particularly into the Registry of Stroke Care Quality RES-Q. Data collection and analysis creates important benchmarks for involved countries, which then helps to improve the overall quality of stroke care in Europe and beyond.

WG 3 Leader: Ms Andreea Grecu

WG 3 Vice-Leader: Dr Michal Karlinski

Working Group 4


Working Group 4 (WG 4) takes care of communication both within the Action as well as outside to the general public. Members of WG 4 are in charge of the communication and dissemination strategy, moreover, they are actively working on involving relevant stakeholders (e.g. ministries of health) and communicating the Action's progress through various channels, such as social media, printed materials and awareness campaigns for both the lay and the professional public.

WG 4 Leader: Dr Milan Vosko

WG 4 Vice-Leader: Prof Anita Arsovska

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