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Science Communication Workshop: We went from theory to praxis

Prof Hendrik Knoche and his team taught us an important lesson in making data on stroke care quality appealing to the wider public.

On the 3rd of May, IRENE COST Action organised its 2nd instalment of the Science Communication Workshop. This time, data visualisations took centre stage as Hendrik Knoche and young researchers from Aalborg University showed us how brainstorming leads to storyboarding and then to data visualisations, and all of that while having stroke care quality in mind.

Attendees had a chance to experience the entire workflow from the initial idea to share certain data, through the creation of its visualisation, up to the public presentation. Bulk of the workshop was conducted in smaller groups to make sure that everyone had a chance to receive a detailed feedback.

IRENE is thrilled that these workshops continue to attract interest from all corners of Europe and everywhere else in the world. Participants can also look forward to follow-up trainings on science communication.

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