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Implementation Research Network in Stroke Care Quality

About us

Stroke is the second leading cause of death and the leading cause of life-long disability worldwide. Effective methods for stroke treatment exist, however, in some countries the implementation of these treatment methods is on a very low level and therefore constitutes the most challenging problem in current stroke management. In many countries and many hospitals, patients do not receive effective treatment, because a working implementation framework is missing.

The IRENE COST Action is a unique highly influential international network, which brings together over 60 stroke professionals from 33 participating countries.

The goal of IRENE COST Action is to provide a measurement of stroke care quality in all participating countries, with a particular focus on countries, where the burden of stroke is higher, while the quality of stroke care is lower (e.g. Eastern Europe). The measurement of stroke care quality is one of the critical and initial steps to decrease disparities in stroke care and to improve the outcomes after stroke.

The core activity of the IRENE COST Action is to improve the quality of stroke care through:


quality monitoring


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